lunedì 31 ottobre 2011

My Halloween nails !! (eng)

Hi everyone!!
Here is Halloween!! Yey... i'm soooo excited for tonight...
I love october in general and this is definitely my favourite month of the year...
So i felt like it was time to do a "photo tutorial" of my Halloween manicure, to share with you guys what i've created.

This pic shows you what i used and what you need (from left to right):
-Orange nail polish
-A back shatter tipe of nail polish
-A trasparent nail polish with some sparkle or little multicolor glitters in it.
-green nail polish
-black nail polish
-A plastic plate
-a toothpick

Put your own base coat first.
Than you'll need a coat of orange nail polish on all your nails.
Let it dry for a couple of minutes.

Apply one coat of black shatter. Remember to skip the ring finger nail, 'couse we'll draw the little pumpkin on it^^.

Skipping again the ring finger, we're going to apply one coat of "I Juggle... men" on the black shatter, to seal the effect... in a very unconventional way... i looove the fine glitter over the shatter effect <3.

I hope that the photos can show you the gorgeous spakle effect that this OPI nail polish gives.


Now you'll need the toothpick.

Put a drop of black nail polish on the plastic plate and draw with the toohpick the eyes and the mouth of our pumpkin.

Then, draw the lines of the "pumpkin's body" and try to make them slightly curvy so that it gives the illusion of a more rouded shape.

Now it's time for the "leaves"!! Put an other drop of green nail polish on the plate and drow the top of the pumpkin

Seal everything and every nail with a fast dry Top coat.

And... we're done!! Here are our Spooky nails!!

I hope you like it!
This tipe of manicure always saves my life. Even if you don't want to dress up too fancy or simply you don't have the time to think about the costume, the nails do everything.
For example tonight i'll wear a cute black dress and a long black cardigan
(Glamorous witch style XD)... and i let my nails to be the protagonists of the look
You're Halloween look is ready.
Kisses for everyone,

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